CCNA Networking Introduction to Routers and Routing

CCNA Networking Introduction to Routers and Routing

Task 1 is worth 50% of the total marks for the module, which includes marks that will
be allocated for the correct use of the Harvard system of referencing and correct
report writing.

1. Using multiple sources, including sources other than those provided by Cisco
list, explain, compare and contrast, show configurations for static routing,
distance vector and link state routing protocols. Focus on their abilities
against the five rules of networking:
 Scalability
 Security
 Redundancy
 Manageability
 Functionality

Additionally, explain and justify in what situations each protocol would best be

Note: only cover interior gateway routing protocols, do not cover BGP or any first
hop redundancy protocols. Additionally as an academic paper you must correctly
reference any quotes supporting your discussions of the protocols.

Summarise your findings in a report. The report should be 1500 words in length and
be written in a formal style, including an introduction, main body, conclusion,
bibliography and appendices where appropriate. Consistent layout, appropriate
technical/formal language and evidence of proofreading must be used. Any
diagrams, references, code listings, and headings are not included in the 1500 word
limit. Identify the word count of your work, at the end of the report.

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