Challenges in Logistics and Supply management

MBA 716- Supply Chains and Logistics
Essay 1- Brief
Learning Objective: To identify the key drivers and trends that
are increasing the globalization of industries and markets as
well as to explore the structure and management of a global
and international logistics and supply networks.
Critically analyze the challenges of business
managers towards the establishment of operations in
different countries based on logistics and supply
chain of products.
Assignment Details
As it is examined in previous weekly content the effect of Globalization
has impacted the way in which logistics and supply chain of products are
transported in different countries, when they go globally, where different
organizations have established operations. One of the main challenges for
an effective supply chain of products is the awareness of overseas culture
and market environment.
Using an organizational example of your choice please critically analyze
the challenges that business managers of the specific organization of
your choice has faced towards the establishment of operations in different
countries based on logistics and supply chain of products.
Assignment Specifics:
• For the assignment’s requirements, if necessary contact local authorities
for licensing and/ or legal issues.
• Your report should be grounded in relevant theory – use the core and
recommended reading – at the same time you should CRITICALLY
justify your choices in the assignment.
• Reference all sources appropriately, using the APA Referencing System.
• The word count of your report is 3000 words (-/+10%).
• The Assignment should be accomplished by week 4 Sunday 11:59

• The assignment counts 50% towards your final grade.

Guidance for completing your assignment
You are required to use framework and theories provided in the material
of each week to support your choices. Please note that references and
appendices are NOT counted in the word limit. This will give you the
opportunity to expand the concepts based on the requirements of this
summative assignment.
A proper structure of the assignment is as follows:
1. Introduction
2. Main concepts of Globalization, Logistics, and Supply Chains
(including sub-headings)
3. Conclusion
4. Recommendations (not compulsory)
5. References
Appendices (if applicable)
Please note that tables and figures should be located in the
appendices and NOT in the main body of the assignment.

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