Change Management Plan


Change Management Plan


Task description:

Healthcare is in a constant state of change and change is essential to continuous improvement. As such, this assignment requires you to consider a problem in your current or previous workplace that requires change at an organizational level. You are then asked to develop and outline the change and your approach to its management via a change management plan.

The assignment is not a local, small-scale quality improvement project and must reflect a change that would occur at organizational level. Examples of suitable issues to address include the need to deliver services with reduced external funding, introduce a new or different service, or change the organization’s approach to managing patient data, flow or interactions with partner services.

You are required to present the assignment under the following sub-headings:

  1. Organizational context
    1. Briefly describe your organization’s context with consideration of the internal and external factors likely to influence the need for change and your change effort.
  2. The problem
    1. Outline the need for change – what is the problem you are trying to address? How does this impact on the provision and/or outcomes of care? Utilize research literature to evidence the type and scale of change needed to address the problem.
  3. The change
    1. What are you going to do to bring about change? For example, will you develop a strategic plan, new policy, a new approach to care delivery or try to change behavior? Why have you selected this approach – justify the change approach in relation to the type of change that you have outlined.
  4. Factors influencing success
    1. How you have considered issues of organizational culture, context, policies and priorities in designing your plan?
  5. Change management strategies
    1. What will you do to maximize your chances of success? Utilize the research literature to evidence and justify your strategies for ensuring the change approach is successful.

The assignment provides an opportunity to consolidate and apply what you have learnt, for those who are practicing managers, policymakers or change agents; and for those who are conceptual thinkers interested in skills development, either theoretically or in practice.



Assessment criteria:

  • Provides a clear organizational context in which the change management plan is to be implemented
  • Identifies key variables and/or challenges that are driving the need for change and innovation within the organization.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of relevant approaches to the development of your change management plan, drawing on contemporary approaches and research literature.
  • Demonstrates critical understanding and analysis of the major factors required to implement change and the implications of proposed choices.
  • Provides a clearly constructed logical plan with what will be done, how it will be undertaken and why it will be successful
  • Clearly integrates research literature to justify every aspect of the approach and in what ways it will make a difference and fully succeed.
  • Provides a well-structured, succinct and clearly written response
  • Provides consistent, accurate in-text references and a full reference list.


Your assignments should demonstrate the following core features of strong academic writing and scholarship:

  • Relevance:Your response clearly addresses the task and the features specified.
  • Analysis:  Your response demonstrates strong critical analysis and capacity to think deeply about the context, issues and evidence-base informing your paper.
  • Research:Your response demonstrates critical reading and synthesis of relevant research literature drawing from academic sources beyond just course readings.
  • Argument:  There is a clear logical flow of ideas and your ideas and conclusions are well supported by evidence and coherent argument.



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