answer this questions base on the a lab, i will submit all information need it.
(for the NMR assume that the peak are 2-12-8-8)
3 UV/vis (λ and ε of absorption maxima, NOT ABS values!), NMR peaks (ppm, multiplicity, assignment). for cuTPP an for H2TPP don’t worry about the NMR for CuTPP.
4.Determine if the porphyrin ring fits the criteria for aromaticity using ALL pi electrons. Showyour work.
5. Assign all the peaks in the 1 H-NMR of H2TPP and report them in table format. Be sure to
indicate which peaks were affected by the addition of D2O. Include the structures of compound in your answer to make your assignments more clear.
6. In a table, report UV/vis peak data for reactant and product. Comparing the UV/visible
spectra of reactant and product, how do you know a chemical reaction occurred?
7. Why does your Cu(TPP) product elute from the silica column before H2TPP


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