College of City University Under Cap320 ordinance

basically cap320 is an ordinance means that certain college are allowed to offer sub-degrees for those who can’t get into university
I have attached a link you can check the ordinance out for more info!en

This press release is to be on College of City University releasing a statement explaining that they are now offering sub-degrees under the new cap320 ordinance
Sub-degrees subjects offered by CCCU (college of city university) : Accounting, aviation, Chinese, Japanese, finance, social science

Balance and address appropriately on the press release
Use these 2 lines : "CCCU will be elevated to a degree granting institution" "subjects offered are carefully selected as they are more professionally oriented"

Apart from the press release the reasoning (tutorial 4- assignment guidelines) has to be filled in as well
This will be marked on logic and "why you wrote what you wrote" on the press release.


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