Guidelines for Country/Culture Paper and Presentation


 Overview of Assignment:  You will research the culture and food ways of one country outside of North America.  Each student will select a different country—the signup sheet will be posted outside of Dr. Frank’s office the second week of class.  From your research you will develop a paper, and a presentation including information and prepared food that will be shared with the class.  The research paper will be worth 200 points, and the presentation will also be worth 200 points.   This accounts for 20% of the final course grade.  The paper is due to be handed in the day of the in-class presentation.


  1. Research paper:  Total length of the paper should be 12 -15 pages (typed – double spaced, 12 point font).  In addition to this research paper, you will develop and include a patient handout/brochure, and will attach two recipes for the foods prepared for the presentation. Will consist of four sections:
    1. Background information about the country and culture. Include the following:  geography of the country; cultural influences from history and contact with other cultures; the structure of and attitudes about family; common religion(s); health beliefs and health concerns; communication style (e.g. high context or low context culture); and history/statistics on immigration of people from the country into the United States and Philadelphia area.  Include at least two unique and interesting “fun facts” about the country/culture.  Also include a map that shows where your area/country is in the world, and a detailed map of the individual country to show regions and geography.  Check out the websites  and



  1. Focus on the food of the country/culture. Include the following:  common/staple foods and ingredients, including regional variations; typical meal composition; meal cycles (what time of day meals are served and number of meals per day); special occasion foods; religious food practices; and changes within the food pattern that have occurred with acculturation of immigrants to the United States. Include recipes for at least two foods that you will be preparing as part of your presentation.


  1. Create and include a patient handout for members of one cultural group that was described in the main paper. The handout should be designed to educate members of that culture on how to follow a diet restriction that might be common, based on the known health issues of the population (such as low sodium for high blood pressure, or carbohydrate balance for diabetes).  The handout should explain the diet restriction and then include sample foods, menus, recipes that would adhere to the special diet and be culturally appropriate.  The handout/brochure will be written in English (subtitles in another language are permissible but not required).


  1. Bibliography –at least 5 sources, including your textbook; at least one authentic cookbook; at least one peer reviewed article; at least one credible website (including those mentioned in part “a”). References should be cited within the text and listed in the bibliography using AMA format.



  1. Presentation: An audiovisual presentation to the class, 20-30 minutes in length, summarizing the information in your paper.  Can include a PowerPoint presentation, slide show with narration, video clips, poster, etc. After presentations have been completed in the classroom, the class will move to the Foods Lab to taste foods from the countries/cultures presented.  You will bring at least two foods for your classmates to taste, which should be prepared outside of class and stored in the Foods Lab before the beginning of class time.  Include everything necessary to demonstrate and serve the foods, such as plates, napkins, serving utensils etc.  Be creative and include any props, foods, games, maps, music etc. to make your country/culture come alive for the class.


  • Be sure to ask for any extra equipment and /or help if needed.  Good luck!

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