Community health identification

Assignment Instructions:

This assignment is a single page, 1-2 sentence response per question. This helps us to determine if you are heading in the right direction for the remainder of the assignments.  Add the web address of the program or intervention you are using as an example at the bottom of the page. Answer the following questions and submit on a word document.


  1. Target population and goal:
  2. Description of the specific population you are targeting, including what you want to address and why it is important. (1-2-sentences)
  3. Why do you want it in your community?
  4. What is the data that defines the problem and defends your solution (what you want)?


  1. Plan Description– *See tip below*
  2. Describe the overview of the intervention. If it is a multi-intervention program, describe the ONE intervention you will adopt as the test. Keep the scope narrow.
  3. Who created the program?


  1. Which database did you use to find the program?


  1. Where was the primary implementation from which the data originates?
  2. How did you identify it is a true promising practice?
  3. Is there data available supporting successful replication?
  4. Has the program been evaluated and showing evidence of effectiveness? (Check for follow up recent information)

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