Community Health Needs Assessment


I live in POLK COUNTY, Florida.


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Topic:  Community Health Needs Assessment

  1. Community Health Needs Assessment Instructions

Review Your County Health Rankings Data

The County Health Rankings provide a snapshot of your community’s health and a starting point

for improving health and increasing health equity.

From your assessment, you will review data used to calculate your county’s current rank. Your assessment can help you understand how long and how well residents in your county are living.

County Health Rankings can be assessed at: FIND YOUR COUNTY SNAPSHOT:

  1. Go to Explore Health Rankings on the orange navigation bar.
  2. Enter your state or county name under Find Your County Rankings.
  3. Select your county.

Use the Areas to Explore and Areas of Strength buttons at the top of your county snapshot to highlight potential challenges your community may want to examine more closely and factors that are assets in your community.

Trends are also depicted. There are trend graphs for 17 measures (click on the graph icon in the Trend column of your County Snapshot). The color of the line in the icon shows the direction of the measures in your county:

  • Red – Your county is getting worse for this measure
  • Yellow – Your county is staying the same for this measure
  • Green – Your county is getting better for this measure


  1. Start by identifying your county’s areas of strength, the Making Use of Your Snapshot will help you interpret your county’s data. It can also help you think about additional questions to ask and sources of data to explore.
  • Which of your county’s health outcomes and factors have the best ranks?
  • Which of the measures in your county’s snapshot are better than the state average?
  • If your county is doing relatively well compared to the state average, how does it compare to other counties in your state or to the Top U.S. Performers?
  1. Every community has assets and challenges. Now, let’s try to identify problem areas in your community:
  • Which of your ranks is worse: Health Outcomes or Health Factors? If your overall rank for health outcomes is better than your rank for health factors, this suggests if you take no further action, your health outcomes rank may decline in the future. If your health outcomes rank is worse than your health factors rank, your health outcomes rank may improve in the future.
  • Which of your health factors have the best and worst ranks?
  • Which of the measures in your counties snapshot are worse than the state average?
  • On the upper right corner of your county snapshot, you can click on Areas to Explore. Highlighted in orange are specific measures that, based on the value and its relative weight in the Rankings model of population health, are likely have a greater impact on your community’s health. This feature can serve as a double-check of the work you’ve done above.
  • You can also click on Areas of Strength. Highlighted in purple are specific measures that are likely to be areas where your community is already doing well.
  1. How does this measure vary among racial or ethnic groups?
  2. Based on the data, what is the top priority for improvement in your county?

The paper should be in APA format and approximately 4 pages in length. Please include any references used.


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