Please find below the company on which the exam is based and prepare accordingly. You are required to investigate the focal company inside out in terms of its marketing practices.
“Sky is Europe’s leading entertainment company. The group serves 20 million customers across five countries: Italy, Germany, Austria, the UK and Ireland. One of the services they offer is Sky TV, which is reporting highest UK customer growth since 2005 this year, although still facing strong challenges across Europe from streaming competitors such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. (Adapted from”
Based on the contextual research on Sky TV’s business and marketing environment in the UK, you will be required to answer a few questions on Sky TV’s marketing practices.

1.    Explain the concept of Integrated Marketing Communications strategy. Evaluate the communications strategies of Sky using an integrated marketing communications framework and evaluate their efficacy in meeting Sky communication objectives. (250 words)
2.    Perform a macro and micro environmental analysis of the Broadcasting market, with particular reference to the Sky brand and the factors that are likely to impact its marketing strategy decision. Use of standard frameworks such as PESTLE and SWOT is recommended. (250 words)
3.    Describe and discuss the competitive environment that Sky would be faced with, and recommend a clear brand position for Sky in relation to competition, supported by rationale and logic. Your recommended brand position should provide Sky with competitive differentiation, and a platform from which its marketing strategy can be formed. (250 words)
4.    A) Evaluate the current target market of Sky, and provide your recommendations. Your target market descriptions for Sky should include demographic, psychographic and behavioural profiles.
B) Describe the competitive environment that Sky is faced with, and recommend a clear brand position for Sky in relation to competition, supported by rationale and logic. (250 words)

Part B
1.    Explain how the following three forms of Integrated Marketing Communications differ in their relative purposes and uses: Advertising, Public Relations, and Direct Marketing. Support your explanation by providing at least one example in a specific context in each case to illustrate how it is most relevant. (150 words)
2.    Please outline the product-services mix offered by Sky and evaluate these in the light of the objective and current priorities identified. (150 words)
3.    How is Marketing for a non-profit organisation different from that for a profit-oriented service business? Discuss using specific example from Sky and other non-profit organisations. (150 words)
4.    What would you recommend for Sky to further develop its marketing communication strategy and why? Please evaluate their current marketing communication mix and give appropriate suggestions. If any. (150 words)