Concert Reports

Concert Reports

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Throughout this quarter, we are examining the ways music is express around the world. Knowing how to speak and write about music is an essential part of understanding its unique place within our society, our culture, and our lives. Although you may or may not be familiar with the pieces we will cover this semester, you already possess many of the skills you will need to analyze and comment on the music you will hear. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and vocabulary to effectively express your own experiences with music and engage your audience: the reader.

Music is a living, breathing entity, and you cannot truly learn all there is about a piece of music from a recording. For this reason, you are required to attend one concert of live music and prepare a report about your experience

The best papers will utilize the descriptive musical terminology used in lectures and apply it to the performance you attend. Describe the piece(s) you hear – how they sound to you. Your report should be your own reactions and interactions with the music alongside objective descriptions. Try to engage with the music in some way. This paper should be in the form of an essay; do not simply ask a question and then answer it.

The two most important elements of a good report will be identifying the musical elements you hear using the appropriate terminology and writing your reactions and experiences with those elements. I do not want simply a checklist of the musical elements in the piece or only your personal reactions to the piece.