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Thesis: Arthur Miller names his characters in a way that it ties to the story of the play. Arthur Miller focuses on the theme of the importance of the characters name in these three plays: Death of a salesman, The Crucible, (One more play by arthur miller)


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14 March 2018

The crucible comparison with other Arthur Miller’s plays

Thesis: Arthur Miller’s The Crucible’s Humor differs from his other plays in 3 ways: they include how the plot of the plays changes the humor, how the dialogue affects and changes the humor, and how the characters change the humor

  1. How the plot of the plays changes the humor?
  2. A view from the bridge in regards to how the plot changes the perspective of humor.
  3. The plot of the play entails the positioning of various characters in the play by bestowing various traits to these characters to fit into the plot. Each character is described to take a particular personality.
  4. For instance, Rodolpho is introduced and illustrated by the plot as a joker even from the description of both his physical looks and character (Miller, 2015). While Eddie is perceived as a formal and all-responsible cheerful character.
  5. However, the humor changes at the end as Rodolpho ends up being the lucky man to marry Catherine and commit to a responsible adult (Miller, 2015). This makes a turn in the character of Rodolpho as he takes a more responsible personality as a married man.
  6. In Death of a salesman
  7. The plot changes humor as the play starts with a father coming home from a business trip to find his two sons home, who they lightly engage with. This shows how in the initial stages of the play; humor is greatly applicable to the characters.
  8. There is humor in how the father-son scenes are depicted up until Wily find it hard to adapt to changes which then leads to him committing suicide and having a poorly attended funeral (Marino, 2015).
  9. Wily also lightly engages with his friends and co-workers in a tragically light moment before agitation sets in. this entails the scenes where Wily seeks for a loan higher than he usually does.
  10. The Crucible.
  11. The plot in the crucible starts with a group of girls going to the forest to dance. The plot is tragically comic as a local minister find the girls dancing and one of them naked (Marino, 2015).
  12. The humor then changes as the girls are accused of practicing the act witchcraft and there is a possibility of facing a court trial (Marino, 2015).
  13. The plot therefore changes the humor from a tragic comedy to a serious justice issue facing a society.


  1. How the dialogue affects and changes the humor?
  2. In the A view from the bridge,
  3. The dialogue begins with the characters Eddie and Catherine engaging in light conversations, such as how Catherine was flirting with the boys.
  4. However, as the dialogue continues after the arrival of Eddie’s cousins Rodolpho and Marco, Eddie begins to take a different direction in the dialogue as the close relationship between Rodolpho and Catherine bothers him.
  5. Rodolpho finally gets to marry Catherine even though they are Marco and Rodolpho are caught by authorities due to issues of immigrants documentation.
  6. In the Death of a salesman,
  7. The dialogue in this plays also changes the humor. At the beginning of the play, the dialogue especially between Happy and his brother are light and comic (Tag & Erdrich, 2016).
  8. The dialogue in an on and off manner changes with instances of agitation especially from Wily who for instance feels bothered about his brother who got a mine in Africa and became rich unlike him.
  9. Wily finally ends up committing suicide, an action that is no longer comic but a shocking revelation to the family. His funeral is also poorly attended.
  10. The Crucible,
  11. The dialogue in the crucible changes the humor. The girls who go dancing in the forest start the dialogue in a light manner (Tag & Erdrich, 2016).
  12. The humor changes as they are caught by a local minister who reports them to the authorities. This changes from a forest dance full of fun to a serious moral case and accusation.
  13. The dialogues then take a different direction where the girls and the servant lie to avoid court sentences. There is even a possibility of banishment.
  14. How the characters change the humor?
  15. A view from the bridge in regards to the application of humor,
  16. Arthur uses humor not only to direct the stage and align his characters to the personalities that fit them but also to achieve the desired plot of the play and engages the reader.
  17. The characters also take up a new personality description that shifts the humor to a more serious scene.
  18. The characters here also change the humor by how there is a shift in the perception of the issue facing them.
  19. In Death of a Salesman,
  20. Arthur makes a brilliant technique that employs humor to inherently describe the tragedy.
  21. This is through the use of impersonation jokes for the characters such as that of Biff and Birnbaum (Rahman, 2016).
  22. The characters also change humor by means of character shifting. This is evident in the manner in which the flash backs are introduced and shifted to current situations.
  23. The Crucible
  24. Contains or instead applies little humor as compared to the other plays (death of a salesman and a view from the bridge).
  25. This could be due to the realistic approach employed by Arthur in regards to the subject of court inconsistencies.
  26. However, there are few instances such as when Mrs. Putnam believes that Tituba could help her communicate with the dead (Gale, 2015).
  27. Other playwrights who were influenced by The Crucible
  28. Sam Shepard was influenced by The Crucible because of;
  29. The subjective realism technique with which Arthur miller based the crucible. This helps represent real life issues.
  30. The humor and how it is applied by the plot, the characters and the dialogues.
  31. The characterization to define and develop the flow of the plot.
  32. Amiri Baraka was influenced by The Crucible because of:
  33. The staging techniques, whereby there are different staging techniques in the various scenes, directed by different directors.
  34. The language and wordplay with which Arthur miller presented The Crucible
  35. The manner in which the characters are able to introduce and change humor.
  36. Lanford Wilson was also influenced by The Crucible because of:
  37. The subject of the legal inconsistencies in the court systems in America.
  38. Court injustices such as the one seen in the judgement of the girls and the witch.
  39. The social structure illustration and relation to the real life event.


  1. Conclusion

Taking the reference to the differences between the crucible and the other plays, The Crucible stands unique as it addresses a topical issue that is quite repetitive even in the current context. Power and corruption are factors that have limited truth as well as covered up lies. Miller communicates this issues with little application of humor to emphasize on how crucial the topics of truth, power, and communism are.




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Tag, S., & Erdrich, L. (2016). Films include Death of a Salesman, The Crucible; The Innocents [film version of The Turn of the Screw].



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