Counselling, Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis

Counselling, Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis

Which Part of the Schools of Psychology did you enjoy the most and why? Start with Freud and the main schools of psychoanalytic therapy.

Carl Jung (Analytical Psychology),Alfred Adler (Individual Psychology),Anna Freud (Ego Psychology),Erick Erikson (Development Psychology),Karen Horney (Psychoanalytical Social Theory) Otto Rank,Harry Stack Sullivan (Interpersonal Pschoanalysis),Melanie Klien (Object Relations Theory),Heinz Kohut (Self Psychology),Erich Fromm (Social Psychoanalysis).

Which Part of Transactional Analysis did you enjoy the least and why?

Which Part of or all of the Approaches in Counselling did you find most useful?

1. The Humanistic Approach (This approach appeals to be most)

2. The psychodynamic Approach

3. The Behavioural Approach

4. The Eclectic Approach