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YHS230 – Systems Analysis


Diploma: Access to HE: Systems Analysis
Unit and Code: Systems Analysis – YHS230
Level Three Credit Value Six
Academic Year: 2017/18
Date Set: 07/05/2018 Draft Deadline

(if appropriate)

Deadline Date 25/05/2018
Date Assignment to be returned to student: 11/06/2018


Assignment Title: Systems Analysis – Assignment 2 of 2
Assessment Criteria covered: 3.1, 4.1
Type of Assignment,

[with formatting]:

Written description with appropriate use of images, referencing and bibliography if necessary
Required Word Count: 1500
Assignment Brief, [and mapping to unit]:





















You work as a system analyst at Global Ware Ltd. You are on their training scheme.

As part of your training, you have been assigned to a project where you have to carry out a structured analysis for a small company that supplies car parts to local garages in and around Leeds; Autoparts Ltd.

Following is a brief background about the client:

·         Brian Taylor is the manager with responsibility for IT at Autoparts Ltd. Brian was responsible for selecting, purchasing and installing the company’s hardware and software a few years ago. These consist of 4 PCs, running MS Windows and MS Office 2007.

·         Currently only two applications, Word and Excel, are used to support the business core transactions, i.e. the sales of auto parts to garage customers and the buying of these parts from a range of suppliers:

·         MS Word is used to handle the range of documents necessary for the correspondence with customers and suppliers, i.e. purchase orders, monthly statements, and so on.

·         The order processing is also supported by a MS Excel application developed by Brian. The application provides a useful but basic database. This holds details of all the parts carried in stock, orders, and customer and manufacturer details.

Brian is aware that the company’s business could operate better with a more sophisticated application and has decided that it is time he updates his operation.

He has approached Global Ware with a requirement for a PC based system to support his current business process. He also requires the solution to provide the foundations for expanding his business on-line in the future.

He requires the solution to be in place in three months’ time, to coincide with his relocating the business to larger premises and be able to handle more orders.

He has a maximum budget of £7,000 for the project. This budget will need to include the hardware, the operating system and a custom ‘Database fulfilment system’.

Task One

You are expected to use appropriate techniques to look at the current business system and record your findings in a Requirements Analysis document (to be supplied). In this document you can discuss:

  • Existing system

–          Business Process background

–          Investigation techniques

–          Systems analysis

–          Process analysis (DFDs of current system)

–          Data analysis (ERD of current system)

–          Identification of the problems with the current system

  • Recommended new solution

–          Scope and purpose of the new system

–          Identification of the Inputs

–          Identification of the outputs generated by the new system

–          Identification of any processes by the new system

–          Identification of any constraints of the new system


In conclusion, you will need to explain the challenges in implementing such a system.


This task will provide evidence for 3.1, 4.1


The learner will: The learner can:
3. Be able to use systems analysis techniques. 3.1. Perform systems analysis tasks using a range of systems modelling tools including structured methods such as SSADM or UML.
4. Understand the challenges in modelling information systems. 4.1. Explain the challenges in implementing a typical computer system.





If your assignment meets all of the assessment criteria (see page 1), it is eligible for grading. Your final grade for the unit will be determined from the grade indicators (PMD) given for each grade descriptor in the unit. Please pay attention to the guidance given for each descriptor below.











Grading Descriptor and Components To achieve a Merit To achieve a Distinction Guidance for the task
3: Application of Skills agenerally selects appropriate

• skills

• techniques





cvery good levels of

• confidence

• consistency

• precision

• accuracy


aconsistently selects appropriate

• skills

• techniques





cexcellent levels of

• confidence

• consistency

• precision

• accuracy


Create DFDs at Level 0 and Level 1. Use appropriate shapes, notations and software to correctly create and label your designs.

Create ERD’s of the existing system; ERDs required are 1st NF, 2nd NF and 3rd NF. Use appropriate shapes, notations and software to correctly create and label your designs.

Use Gliffy and or Lucid charts to help create appropriate designs/illustrations.

7: Quality c – taken as a whole, demonstrates a very good response to the demands of the brief/assignment c – taken as a whole, demonstrates an excellent response to the demands of the brief/assignment The analysis process to be undertaken will take the form of a report, presented in the form of a ‘Requirements specification’ document.

The report produced whilst undertaking this task will demonstrate very good to excellent levels of understanding of researched topics and of the analysis process through using appropriate language/terminology throughout.

Ensure appropriate thought has been given to the brief together with due consideration to referencing of any sources used.


Assignment Brief, [and mapping to unit]:












This assignment should be:


  • Submitted through Turn-It-In by 11:59 pm on the deadline date given. Submissions after this time will be capped at a pass.
  • You must hand in a front sheet for the assignment, which must be signed, ticked and dated with the hand-in-date. This should be handed in on the same day as your deadline. Your assignment should be:
    • Word processed
    • Font size minimum 12
    • Use Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman fonts
    • Line spacing at 1.5 or double
    • Clearly marked with your name and unit code


Your written piece of work must be word processed, clear and appropriately presented.  You must also ensure that your work is referenced in accordance with the Harvard system.


Page numbers should be placed in the footer and the total word count excluding the reference list and bibliography clearly indicated at the end of the assignment



Systems_Analysis_&_Design_Assignment 2

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