Criminal law

I now need part 2 of the folder. I would like the same writer again because the writer did such a good work on part 1.

you will prepare and submit a Systems Folder covering material from this course. According to McCord et al., a system folder is a,
Collection of forms, documents, checklists, procedural rules and principles of law, including case law and statutes and the rationale behind them. Once organized, the system folder will provide you with a valuable reference for quickly and accurately completing the most important and commonly repeated tasks performed by the paralegal in the criminal law context (20).

All the charts that are needed and need to be filled out with appropriate information are attached. I live in Nassau County, Florida. The statutes need to be Florida’s statutes.

See attachment what is needed in the second part of the system folder. Chapter IX is a chart. Most of the chapters are just example forms that can be found online. Chapters also requires summary of some things.

The last section (third part) of the Systems Folder should be titled Ethical Reflections. In this section you should reflect upon the systems folder as well as the rules and procedures innate within criminal law. You should then discuss how biblical principles come into play in criminal cases. For instance, what is, if any, the biblical rationale for justice and consequences? Does the Bible give Christians a model for deciding on how to deal with criminals and criminal cases? What are these biblical guidelines and how should they be incorporated into your life as a paralegal? This portion of the assignment should be 1–2 pages in length

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