Paper Outline – 5% Due June 4 @ 10am
Paper Outline – 5%: The expectation is that you will submit a one-page typed double spaced outline of your proposed paper which identifies which of the assigned topics you intend to write about and outlines how you intend to apply one of the four identified lenses. The outline must also provide an additional page – a reference sheet in APA format listing the minimum of FIVE academic sources you will cite in your paper. You will then photocopy and attach the first page of each of these sources. Please submit this document as a scanned PDF single document via Blackboard by 10:00am. If it is not submitted by 10:00am but is submitted prior to class commencing, there will be a 10% deduction. If it is not submitted prior to class commencing, the assigned grade will be zero, but the assignment must be completed and submitted by June 11, 2018 in order to pass the class.

Paper – 20% – Due June 25th @ 10am
Paper – 20%: The Paper should be submitted in Blackboard as a PDF assignment and is due by 10:00am SHARP. If you submit your paper online in Blackboard after the deadline, but before class commences there will be a 10% (2 mark) deduction. If your paper is not submitted before class commences on the day it is due, it will not be accepted and will result in a mark of zero.

Research Paper Topics (select one):

Write a brief essay analyzing theory and research on any one component of policing in a democratic society. You may choose from the following topics:

-policing domestic violence; -enforcing traffic laws;

-preventing impaired driving offences; -investigating drug trafficking

-policing public protests; -reactive vs proactive policing;

-police discretion; -policing minority communities;

In your essay, please apply one of the following lenses in considering the issue:

1. The crime control and/or the order maintenance model of policing.

2. Limitations of policing as a result of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

3. Research on the effectiveness of police strategies.

4. Policing and feminist issues/critiques

Technical Requirements: The entire paper (title page, introduction, main body, conclusion, and references) must be written in APA format. The paper should be 1500-2000 words: 1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced. This does not include the title page or references page. Please include the word count on the title page of your paper. Your paper must include a minimum of five academic sources pertaining to the issue in Criminology you have chosen to discuss. Non-academic sources are unacceptable.

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