critical review and reflection


Write a review and reflection of the techniques that you have learnt and are learning in functional.

Explain the concept and physiological mechanism behind the techniques, discuss the current research in regards to functional and indirect technique, and compare this with your experience.

1000 words

Learning Objectives Assessed:

CLO1 – Perform a search of the health and medical databases for scientific literature in a systematic method to gather literature relevant to the subject matter

CLO2 – Evaluate and critically analyse scientific literature to understand the methodology undertaken and its translation to clinical practice

CLO3 – Apply current and up-to-date scientific knowledge in order to practice in an evidence informed manner

CLO6 – Examine the physiological basis and philosophical underpinnings for these techniques and their effect on the body

Graduate Outcomes supported:

PLO5 – communicate effectively in a range of forms (written, online, oral) and with diverse audiences (patients, community/public, agencies and health professionals)
PLO8 – understand the historical development of the profession, its ethos, organisation and philosophical foundations


Working individually undertake online and library based research to underpin a 1000 word reflective essay on the principles and application of functional and/or indirect technique. This reflection will include your experiences and a critical evaluation which will contrast or compare these experiences to the research.

The essay includes a) a short, critical discussion on the principles behind the techniques, b) a reflection of how you applied the techniques and what you learnt in class, c) how this learning has altered the way you view these and other osteopathic concepts, and d) whether the application of the techniques matched your expectations.

You will be marked on language and grammar, your ability to write professionally and critically appraise both your technique and the readings and journals you have sourced. The rubric clearly outlines the marking criteria.

Minimum of 5 references, preferably including 2 journals from the last 3 years. No references older than 7 years. APA referencing.

Criteria for critical reflection

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