Critical Thinking Final Paper

Critical Thinking Final Paper

At the end of Week Seven, students will submit a completed critical thinking paper by 11:59 pm (CST) Sunday. The major paper of the course will be a multi-sided assignment that includes a 5- to 7-page double-spaced paper, due by 11:59 pm (CST) on Sunday following Week 7. The purpose of the paper is to provide an opportunity for the student to seek to apply organizational theory to a contemporary setting. This paper must follow APA 6th edition writing style. Paper is worth 300 points. Each of the following steps must be integrated into the paper:

Step One: Students will take the role of an organizational consultant and will select an organizational setting that is contemporary or historical (including Biblical accounts), fictional, or real, which depicts the organization or participating members in a crisis or period of downward momentum. An example could be the current financial crisis that Krispy Kreme is experiencing, or the motivational struggles of American Airlines, or the hierarchical struggles that Jethro and Moses faced in establishing orderly rule over the unruly organization called “The Jews”. The student will describe the organization historically, the crisis, the external and internal components affecting the downward spiral, and corresponding organizational behavior.

Step Two: After describing the context the student will then identify five organizational theories from the text that reveal the root of the problems affecting the organization under review. The student will identify the technical theories and or concepts and reveal the organizational behavior that reflects the embedded theory. The purpose is to identify the characteristics or the surface features that reflect the deeply rooted organizational theories that are causing the surface level problems.

Step Three: Then the student will establish a strategy to reverse the current downward momentum. This will be accomplished by identifying organizational theories that will reverse the current momentum, including a description of how the “solution based” theories will be applied behaviorally in the organization for the purpose of resolving the current issues. In short, the student will identify theories that will help the organization rebound and the student will describe the visual improvements that should be observed after implementing the new theories. In the case of a historical approach, the student will surmise what visual changes would have occurred if the recommended approach had been implemented

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