Cross Cultural Sexuality

Cross Cultural Sexuality

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Forum Directions
1) Repsond to the TOPIC below. No less than 200 words. The essay should include the following:
a) a recall of concepts/theories in the book and/or lecture notes,
b) critical thinking/evaluation through examples that assess the validity of the concept,
c) application of outside information to illustrate both the concepts being discussed and your opinion on this topic.

2) To meet the outside source requirement (1c), do not use collaborative sites that are not fact checked or very basic sources like encyclopedias or dictionaries. Some examples are: Encyclopedia Britannica, Wikipedia, social networking sites and blogs, Yahoo Answers, Ask Jeeves, etc.
4) You must use APA formatting when citing your textbook, lecture notes, and other outside sources.

During this course we will be exploring many facets of Anthropology. I think it is important to remember those early practitioners of the field who really are responsible for guiding and shaping anthropology into the science it is today.

Who is Margaret Mead and why is her research important to our understanding of sex and sexuality? How can observing behavior associated with sex be an important indication of how a society operates? What can it do to help understand sexually related issues from one culture to another?