Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Cultural AppreciationCookbook Research a food culture that interests you with which you are largely unfamiliar, exploring and learning about an ethnic cuisine that differs from your own. As you explore this food culture, consider carefully and respectfully the difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation of cuisines. What are some of the histories of this food culture? What do you appreciate about this food culture and cuisine? Discuss this food culture with restaurateurs, friends, or relatives, and consult other cookbooks(cite sources). If you are able, consider preparing at​ least one dish representative of this food culture, and describe your experience. Comparison shop (no actual purchases required) to consider the expenses associated with cooking this cuisine. Include pictures, recipes, family stories, and graphics. Create your own cookbook(~15-20 pp.), online or in hard copy format. (The sample I have attached is something like a cookbook can be it is just for the idea there is no hard and fast rule to follow it. It is from a different prompt where we had to appreciate our own​ culture but I chose a different prompt so it does not align​ with our prompt.​ They are looking for something creative and informative


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