descriptive essay

descriptive essay is a written account that seeks to relive a moment, portray an object or a situation, or to give a blow by blow account of a process. The descriptive essay usually demands that the writer assumes that the target audience for the essay knows absolutely nothing on the topic of focus. Colorful language is a prerequisite for the descriptive essay. Basically, a perfect descriptive essay should have printed words that you can hear when reading silently, it should read as if the verbal narration can be hanged on a wall for viewing, and it should engage the reader’s senses as if every word is an acupuncture needle tapping into their body. A descriptive essay gives the writer a lot of leeway as far as self expression is concerned. It demands that the writer flings open they minds and let their creative flare drip all over the paper.


An Uphill Task


Most people would find it easier to corner a pride of lions or roast a tuna fish in a cave where a group of bears are hibernating than have to write a descriptive essay. They just do not have it in them to notice that water is wet and that this essay has taken a turn to be very descriptive. Sadly, most of us have this handicap. Painting pictures with words is not an easy task and our audience may end up misunderstanding us, or we may pile-drive them into a bottomless abyss of confusion as they try to grasp what we are trying to say. Additionally, a good knowledge of the language is required to ensure that the right choice of vocabulary features in descriptive essay. Bad word choice, when compounded by punctuation errors only leads to a torturous read that is off-turning for the reader. It makes us seem like we are trying too much to inject some verve into the descriptive essay. The essay needs to be well organized, clear and to use emotional appeals without sounding like a commercial appealing for aid. The essay should be laid out in such a way that if you tell the reader to visit where you visited to have the same experience as you or to buy what you have described, they would be inclined to oblige.



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