design and develop a 500HZ accelerated aging system

1st March 2018

Tittle: Design and develop a control system for a 500Hz Ageing system

1 Introduction

The phenomenon of aging is one that mankind would prefer to ignore while industry prefers to explore. The contrast in preference is not unnatural, since an individual would be psychologically crushed by the knowledge of his expiration date. On the other hand, both the manufacturer as well as the user of equipment have a vital need to know that an apparatus will continue to function for a length of time expected by the user. In the field of electrical insulation, the last hundred years have been replete with many milestones increasing the understanding of dielectric phenomena [1].The satisfactory operation of a cable depends to a great extent upon the characteristics of the insulation used. Therefore, the proper choice of insulating material for cables is of considerable importance.

2 Objectives & Aim

Power system Simulation software (MATLAB) will be used to design and for developing a full functional simulation model control system for a 500Hz aging system where by the control panel will be able to start/stop the system, indicate the voltages and current and other indications such as reactive power, temperatureetc., control the generator excitation to control the output voltage and vary the speed of the motor to control the output frequency of the generator.

3 Problem Statement

Electrical insulation eventually fails due to changes in a particular electrical or mechanical property. Historically, underground transmission cables have been designed for 40 year performance but most of them don’t reach half of it the increase of fails manufactures expectations data sheet has lead as to developing a verification system

4 Motivation

Underground cables are one of the major vehicles for distribution of electrical energy. They differ from other electrical equipment in that the oxygen supply is limited in the cables. Due to the fails life span expectation and premature deterioration of the cables more accurate accelerated lifespan tests are needed to assure that lifespan of the equipment.ALTs accelerate the degradation phenomena, save time and money, especially when the expected lifespan of the components is in the range of years.

5 Methodology

A necessary background on the topic through literature will be the first step, followed by the design and development of the full functional circuit and the control system simulated using MATLAB software and finally the practical build-up of the full functional circuit and the control system which will be built at VUT High Voltage Laboratory.

6 Reference

[1]  Montanari,G.C, Mazzanti ,G, Simoni, L. 2002.”Progress In Electrothermal Life Modeling of 18. Electrical Insulation during the Last Decades”; IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation; Vol. 9, No. 5,pp. 730 – 745,

[2]E. L. Brancato , 2002 IEEE Trans. Electr. Insul, Vol EI-13 No 4, August 2002

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