Destination Marketing

Destination Marketing

(i) assess your knowledge and understanding of the content from the first 5 weeks of this course which covers the first 5 chapters of the text book.

(ii) provide a foundation for the 2nd piece of written assessment.

Assessment task
(a) Select a country or state/province destination within the Asia Pacific region.

(b) Find the name and website of the official government endorsed destination marketing organisation/agency for your chosen destination.

(c) Using the organisation from (b) above, collect available and relevant information about the current marketing strategy for the destination you have selected. This will include you identifying their latest Marketing Plan and reporting data on visitor arrivals over the past 10 years (how many, where did they come from, how much did they spend, how long did they stay?)

(d) Explain:

(i) What are the priority target markets the destination is addressing?

(ii) Why have they selected those target markets? (Refer Chapter 3 of text describing the target marketing process)

(iii) What has the destination done to understand the motivations of their target markets?

(iv) What processes of destination choice would visitors have used? (Refer Chapter 3 of text)

(v) Why and how does the destination determine levels of visitor satisfaction?

(vi) Does the official destination marketing organisation you have identified undertake any internal marketing? Why? How?

(e) Identify at least 3 competitive destinations to your chosen destination. Applying the destination competitiveness model (Crouch and Ritchie 1999, Chapter 2 of text) in your own words, explain how your chosen destination can establish competitive advantage over those other 3 destinations.