different perspective on how people with disabilities interact

different perspective on how people with disabilities interact

To give you a different perspective on how people with disabilities interact with and are perceived by the world around them, you will need to choose one of these options from Part A and complete the requirement in Part B:
Part A:
1.    read one of these books AND choose one of the videos from Who Cares About Kelsey Multimedia site (not Restraints and Seclusion):
•    any NON-FICTION book by Torey Hayden
•    Detour: My Bipolar Road Trip in 4-D, Lizzie Simon
•    Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism, Temple Grandin
•    Nobody Nowhere, Donna Williams
•    Making the Grade, Dayle Upham
•    Count Us In, Jason Kingslye and Mitchell Levitz
•    Out of my Mind, Sharon Draper
•    Rules, Cynthia Lord
2.    Go to EKU’s library and watch one of Daniel Habib films “Who Cares About Kelsey” or “Including Samuel” AND one of Rick Lavoie’s films (recommendation: “FAT City: How Difficult Can This Be?”)
3.    Go to Who Cares About Kelsey – Multimedia site and choose any 4 videos (not including “Restraint and Seclusion” video
Part B: watch these three short videos:
Rick Lavoie Poker Chips
Restraint and Seclusion
Rita Pierson Every Child Needs a Champion

Structure/Outline for your report:

Write a 5-7 double-spaced page ‘review’ of the book/videos you watched including:

Media Overview (10 pts)
•    Include media specifics of the book/videos you chose (2 pt)
•    Who were the people in the videos you watched? (2 pts)
•    What disability was portrayed? (1 pt)
•    What did you see in the video (what happened – this should be a short, objective summary of what you saw that does not include your opinion. Save your opinion and professional judgment for the next section)? (5 pts)
Personal Reflection (12 pts)
•    In what way was the ‘disability’ related to the plot? Were there negative and/or positive situations relating to the disability? Explain. Reference course documents (such as people first language, textbook for disability categories, etc) (4 pts)
•    How was the character with a disability portrayed? Was the family of the person with the disability in the film? Describe any family issues. (4 pts)
•    How you would feel if you were a person with the same disability being exposed to the movie/show/book? (4 pts)
Writing Style (3 pts)

TIP 1: Use APA style.  You need a cover sheet and reference page (these 2 pages are not included in the page totals for the report. Use the subheads in these instruction pages in your paper. Include an APA reference page at the end with the video links and references to the textbook/other reading materials that support your points. Use people-first language at all times.
TIP 2: Please refrain from reading reviews of your selected media choose for this assignment.
TIP 3: If you’ve already seen the movie/television show or read the book you chose, then discuss whether you saw the media in a different way this time since you were focusing on the disability aspects.