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Lab Report Instructions



Reports should be approximately two pages in length, excluding references.  Always use “passive voice” when writing lab reports.  Never use first-person tense.


The bulleted list below describes the sections required in all lab reports.  Page 2 of this document provides some further information regarding layout, structure and labeling of lab reports.  Page 3 shows the rubric utilized in the grading of submitted reports.



The sections that are expected but not limited are:

  • Abstract/Synopsis
  • Introduction/Statement of Problem
    • Theory
  • Method/Application
    • Designs
    • Build pictures
  • Results/Findings
    • Truth tables
    • Timing charts
    • Error Analysis (as needed)
  • Appendices
    • Cost analysis / Comparison
    • Parts list (include links)
    • Datasheets (include links)
  • References






Lab Report Title

Laboratory # or Name






The Abstract consists of a brief understanding of the laboratory and the results that occurred. Any major deviations from the normal should also be briefly mentioned in this section.



The Introduction restates the laboratory directives and expected results. It should be well written, concise and include all pertinent theories involved in said laboratory. The report should be approximately 2 pages long excluding appendices.


The body of the paper should describe the methods of the laboratory. It needs to include the devices used including:

  • NI ELVIS model
  • NI software version
  • …etc.

Pictures need to be labeled (see figure 1.) The image does not have to be separated from the text top and bottom. It can exist anywhere on the page where it is relevant to the information.



Sections can have labels as long as there is a consistent usage throughout the report. (e.g. This example is not consistent, otherwise the introduction and methods section would also have labels.)







Lab Report Grading Rubric:



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