Digital Essentials 2014-15

Digital Essentials 2014-15

Module Learning Outcome assessed

1.    Demonstrate an understanding of digital channels and social media and their use in marketing, advertising and PR
2.    Use a number of digital tools and social media in relation to marketing, advertising and PR
3.    Evaluate and write effective digital copy for a range of uses
4.    Evaluate the impact of digital tools and social media, including legal and ethical issues

Task    Working individually, you will produce a portfolio of work of about 2,500 words based on your learning experiences on this module. This portfolio must feature original work that has not previously been submitted for assessment on this or other modules. Students will plan the content, lay out and theme of their portfolio. Your work will be presented in an ebook and as well as text, you need to include examples of editing using video and audio in this ebook. You will produce the content from your completed module learning logs and you will provided with a list of assignment Q&As to help you put your ebook together. Four weeks before the submission deadline, students will also produce an assignment plan which will include the content that will be in their portfolio.

Credit will be given for:
•    Accurate use of software
•    Variety and use of content selected
•    Creativity of content
•    Formatting of ebook – eg use of chapters and sections, web links bibliography etc.
•    Evidence of student progress and learning throughout the module.

Format    •    You will prepare your ebook using the templates on Blackboard. You will convert your completed work to a PDF file which you will upload on to Blackboard.

To pass this module all assignments must be attempted and students who do not submit work may not be offered a referral. A minimum pass mark of 40% in all material used for assessment must be achieved in order to pass the module.

Research and referencing    Any references should be provided in Harvard style using the LBS Guide to Referencing. Your in-text references should include page numbers.

Writing and
presentation    Poor writing will be penalised. Proof read your work carefully.

Submitting your work    Your written work must be submitted by Blackboard on or before 1700 on Friday May 8 2015. It is your responsibility to ensure submission of work in a format that can be assessed. Work which is not properly formatted may fail.

Late work    You must have written authorisation from the Division of Public Relations and Communication Management for late work, otherwise you will be penalised in accordance with university regulations:

•    Work up to 5 working days late – Maximum Grade 40%
•    Work more than 5 working days late – Grade of  0%
Official Issue date    January 2015. Issued by Chris Shaw