Disater Recovery Plan for Universty

Disater Recovery Plan for Universty

This assessment instrument assesses the following Course Learning Outcomes (CLO):
Tick    Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)*    Grade
4.    Use and adapt basic disaster recovery techniques.    /10
*Linkages to Program Outcomes are provided in the Syllabus.

Information about University of Dubai:
The University of Dubai (UD) is a student-centered institution whose primary mission is providing quality education. New students become part of a university made up of welcoming classmates from diverse backgrounds. Students and faculty at UD provide a supportive atmosphere whose main focus is student success. By offering affordable tuition rates and having small class sizes in a convenient location, the University of Dubai offers a competitive alternative to other higher learning institutions in the region. UD’s international accreditations, AACSB and ABET, are a gold standard in the field of higher education. The university is flexible in its class timings for working students, but is firm it its commitment to meeting the highest standards in higher education. Dedicated faculty and supportive classmates encourage students to form relationships that last a lifetime. With its rigorous but real-world curriculum, UD students are groomed to be leaders of tomorrow, whatever their background.
To be a leading university in the UAE following the American system of higher education and offering internationally accredited degree programs with emphasis on quality of teaching, research and service to the business community.
Realizing our vision will require us to:
1.    Serve the educational needs of diverse undergraduates, graduate students and professionals.
2.    Produce high caliber graduates.
3.    Provide education based on international standards.
4.    Provide a stimulating educational environment to prepare future leaders.
5.    Engage faculty in applied research focused mainly on the economic development of the Middle East and Africa (MEA) Region.
The Mission is accomplished through five strategic goals:
A.    To streamline UD Governance for innovation and to be student-centered
B.    To enhance IT infrastructure for effective student learning;
C.    To enhance marketing and communication for effective UD branding;
D.    To expand faculty and staff resources, energize basic and applied research and promote entrepreneurship; and
E.    To expand community (including alumni) relationships.
UD is guided by the following core values:
1.    Ethical behavior in all aspects of life.
2.    Sound citizenship through personal, social and environmental responsibility.
3.    Respect for the opinions and beliefs of others.
4.    Equal opportunity for all men and women.
5.    Continuous improvement in teaching, learning and research.
6.    Collective responsibility through teamwork.
7.    Maintaining a student-centric approach with a focus on quality.

Create Disaster recovery plan for University of Dubai
The seven-step DRP process recommended by NIST
1.    Develop the DR planning policy statement
2.    Review the business impact analysis (BIA)
3.    Identify preventive controls
4.    Create DR contingency strategies
5.    Develop the DR plan
6.    Ensure DR plan testing, training, and exercises
7.    Ensure DR plan maintenance

Backup & Disaster Recovery- Current Plan

Backup Frequency    Backup Type    Backup Location    Backup Media Storage Location

Daily    Differential    Tape Drive    Masood Building
Weekly    Full    Tape Drive    DCCI
Monthly    Full    Tape Drive    DCCI
Yearly    Full    Tape Drive    DCCI
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Proposed Plan

Backup Frequency    Backup Type    Backup Location    Backup Media Storage Location    Comments

Daily    Volume Shadow Copy    File Server Disk Drive    Masood Building    Already implemented
Daily    Differential    Cloud Storage Integrated Network Drive    Google Drive Cloud Storage    Under testing
Weekly    Full    Cloud Storage Integrated Network Drive    Google Drive Cloud Storage    Under testing
Monthly    Full    Cloud Storage Integrated Network Drive    Google Drive Cloud Storage    Under testing
Yearly    Full    Cloud Storage Integrated Network Drive    Google Drive Cloud Storage    Under testing
Daily    Replica (data center)    Ankabut (Khalifa University replica servers)    Ankabut line    New campus