Discussion topic:

Discussion topic:

Analysts often exploit the relation between a company’s life cycle and its cash flows to better understand company performance and financial condition.

1. Explain how a company’s transition from the growth stage to “cash cow” is reflected in the statement of cash flows.

2. Describe how the decline of a “cash cow” is reflected in the statement of cash flows.

Discussion board rules:

provide some guidelines about expectations and grading for the discussion boards so that you can maximize the learning environment and your grades:

1. The learning week runs from Sunday through Saturday and all discussion board postings must be submitted by end of week (Saturday) for full credit. Late submissions will be graded but with a penalty so it is better than no submission at all. The later it is submitted, the greater the penalty so do not take your time in submitting.

2. For full credit one must submit one initial posting and at least two thoughtful replies to other student postings and answer all questions posed.

3. Discussion boards are not graded on a submitted/not submitted basis but rather on the quality and insightfulness of the posts. If you post your contributions quickly without much thought or research then do not expect full credit or possibly any credit. The discussion board is not merely a check box item to be done each week, it is vital to our studies together.

4. You should consult additional resources in preparing for the discussion board, however copying and pasting text even with proper footnotes will not be graded for credit. While I encourage you to use the given course materials and outside materials in preparing your submission, you must put postings into your own words (paraphrasing not allowed either) if you want credit for it. This will insure that you understand what you are submitting.

5. Please do not fill up the discussion board with any comments merely agreeing with others or offering compliments on the quality of someone’s post. The only time you should submit to the discussion board is when you have an initial or additional thought that moves the discussion forward. I want everyone to be reading all posts so if we can cut down on the clicks by not reading congratulatory or other non-insightful posts it will benefit everyone. Of course you should fell free to agree or disagree with others but take your thought process on why you agree or disagree further and share it with everyone.

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7. Do not include the question with your answer. Please just type your answer numbering your answers corresponding to the number of the question which is being answered.

Violations of any of the points above will result in points lost so please be sure to follow these rules carefully.