Do the media play a major role in constructing racist discourse?

Do the media play a major role in constructing racist discourse?

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Major Essay Questions for Semester 1 2015
Please choose one of the following topics and write an essay of around 2,000w. Make sure you use in-text citation (author, date, page no) and attach a list of references used, correctly formatted.
Please use 2x spacing, 12 point Ariel and side margins of 3cm (not inches). Single Pages
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Reminders: Write the essay question at the top of your paper, do not change the wording, and answer the question as it is given. Your essay should include evidence that you have read the readings and researched beyond the reader. Study the criteria for a good academic essay and strive to use critical thinking and avoid excessive descriptive writing, above all address the question.

Due: Week 13: On or before Friday 21st May
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1. Do the media play a major role in constructing racist discourse?

To answer this question, analyse an example that is currently thematized. You could, for example, look at the issue of ‘boat people’ in Australian news in 2013, advertisements for whitening creams in various Asian countries, or role distributions in soap operas – the choice is yours. Make sure that you have a clear argument and identify it in your introduction.

2. “The concept of ‘face’ in Chinese culture complicates intercultural communication”. Discuss

3. Choose two current ( 2014/15) leading politicians in the world and analyse how their identities shape the way their countries are perceived by others, how power relations are influenced and how communication processes are affected by the way they are presented in the media.
Advice: To answer this question, pick two personalities you find interesting and do some research on them. Look at what they stand for, but also what they look like, how they communicate (verbal and non-verbal) and give some examples of how power relations are affected and they are represented in the media. You will not be able to cover everything, so concentrate on the concept of identity and back up your ideas with findings from the readings/research.
Note: An essay which only repeats autobiographical information will be awarded a low mark.
(Continues – there are 5 alternatives)

4. Evaluate the extent to which the US is “no longer the ‘puppeteer’ of a world system of images”. (Appadurai :1996: 31)
Find the quote from Appadurai and apply his ideas. This question is asking about cultural US dominance. What might change the strength of US influence on other parts in the world?
5. To what extent do events such as the Olympic Games bring nations together and are a starting point for intercultural relations?
To answer this question you should research Olympic Games in the past (You may find it useful to investigate what Jesse Owens success has meant for blacks, look at what happened at the games in Munich in 1972 or consider media coverage of the latest games in London. Do not describe some of these but apply them analytically.)