document analysis

ubmit your DAA assignment here as a Microsoft Word document attachment. You are to analyze two documents relating to the information found in chapters 1-5.

You can choose documents found:

Embedded in the Learning Modules for chapters 1-5
Web Documents Collection: “Pre-Columbian-American Revolution”
Answer the following questions using information in your chosen documents:

What type of document is it? What is the title of the document?
What date was document written?
Who was the author of the document? Provide a short biography of the author (be sure to provide a citation for the source used)
For what audience was the document written?
What three things does the author say that you think is important?
Idenfiy two key concepts in the document. Complete the SEE-I exercise for each identified concept. See an explanation of the SEE-I exericse in the course Table of Contents.
Additionally, successful assignments also include the following: answers that are in complete sentences; citations for all of your sources; submissions that have been thoroughly proofread.

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