E-commerce balance scorecard





Assessment task

Due date: Sunday20 May 2018 at 11.55 pm WEEK10
Weighting: 25%
Length: 3000 words
Learning outcomes assessed: 4, 5, 6, 7
Graduate attributes demonstrated: Discipline-Specific Knowledge

Workplace skills and qualities

Communication proficiency

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills



ASSIGNMENT – WORTH 25% (Will be marked out of 100 marks)


DUE DATE: 20thMay, Sunday 11.55 pm


3000 Words: (Introduction 200; Question (1), 500; Question (2),1000; Question (3), 1000;Conclusion 300)




To be able to respond to this assignment, students are required to:


  1. Read attached journal articles




This assignment requires you to extend your knowledge about the Balanced Scorecard to E commerce organisations.  Since Harvard Professor Robert Kaplan introduced the concept of Balanced Scorecard it has been used extensively to measure the performance of many companies.  However, with the introduction of E Commerce companies must use the Balanced Scorecard to measure non-traditional key performance indicators:


There are articles attached to get you started.



Many E commerce firms now use Balanced Scorecard to measure their performance.  Your task is to research the literature available and expand your knowledge to answer following questions.



  • Describe the four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard and its application to an E Commerce organisation (16 marks)


  • Design a Balanced Scorecard for a e commerce company of your choice. Explain if an extension of the traditional four perspectives will be required to effectively measure the performance of an E Commerce organisation. Please draw upon the available literature to support your argument (24 marks)


  • Discuss the difficulties in applying the concept of Balanced Scorecard to an E Commerce organisation and recommend another type of performance measurement system that may be suitable for an E Commerce organisation. You must critically evaluate the application of Balanced Scorecard to E Commerce environment (24 marks)



Further36 marks will be awarded for:

  • Structure, introduction (8 marks)


  • Conclusion (8 marks)


  • Expression (16 marks)


  • Harvard style referencing (4 marks)


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