EBP & Research Forum and cross post

This forum is informal in nature which means you CAN write in FIRST person, but keep in mind that this assignment is the ONLY assignment that permits first person. Be sure to submit your turnitin report to the Assignment area as directed below.

Students, be sure to submit your turnitin ORIGINALITY report for the initial post in the EBP & Research Forum. You are NOT required to submit your cross posts to turnitin. Be sure that you submit the full ORIGINALITY (not digital receipt) form to the assignment area. A title page is not required. The submission should be uploaded as a pdf. see instructions on submission below.
Reminder: cross posts are due 48 hours after the initial post/turnitin originality report due date. Your posts to peers will be due 24 hours after the cross post due date. See the course schedule for more details.


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