attached files for the paper instruction and my outline for the paper’s idea. You are free to correct my stuff and please keep me update for the new idea and what you will be writing


one thing that’s important but i forgot to mention, there’s requirement for us to use Stata to collect and show the data result for this paper, and I am going to attach one example that our course give us as reference. sorry if I may mention this a bit too late.
Dear support team, Using Stata and interpreting its results on the data analysis part accounts for a heavy weight on the total grade for this paper, so as long as the previous writer or a new writer that can write a paper like the “Reference Paper” I just post on file page would be good. That is a paper that our course provide us to study, and the Stata data analysis part in the “Reference Paper” that is used is on page 10 and page 12, so please let the writer know and to look at the “Reference Paper” as reference, and I need the graphs that are shown on p.10 and p.12 on my paper. Another thing is can you let the writer know that I like the data analysis on the first part of the assignment that how he using the Solow Model to interpret the growth affected by globalization, but can you tell him to make changes on the introduction part because I see he mostly taking the stuff from a file I post that what I already had before, and I didn’t receive a good grade on my topic and outline assignment from my teacher, so that wouldn’t be a good idea if I have totally the same thing on this paper. Can you tell him to check the grammar, sentence structure or even can make new changes if that would be better. Thank you once again.

Alright, good news is that using “R Studio” is allowed on this paper as well. PLEASE inform the writer to get a similar work as the example economic paper I post on file page called “Reference Paper” especially the data analysis part on its page 10 and 12


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