The one ethical principle which is most important in guiding the decisions that we make in early childhood education. It takes precedence over all others in the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct. Restate that principle in your own words.



High-quality early childhood education programs are defined as having six important elements. Describe four of these elements.



Describe five examples of potential safety hazards that an early childhood educator must be aware of when designing or inspecting the outdoor environment.



Describe two areas in which cultural differences may affect child-rearing practices within families and provide an example for each practice you have selected.


Why is it important for teachers of young children to continuously engage in self-reflection?




For Module 4 Assignment, students will complete ONE of the following Trainings (passing with a score of 80 or higher).  After completing the trainings, scan the certificate, take a screen shot or picture of the certificate you receive (once you complete the training) and up load the scanned document,  screen shot or picture to this assignment submission section.

Recognizing and Responding to Suspicions of Child Maltreatment Training (Complete this training only if you have NOT completed the training for another course or for your job – If YOU have completed this training, I will need TO SEE a copy of your certificate and a copy will need to be placed inside your portfolio notebook. Proceed to the bottom of the page. (will open in a new window)



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