Wow!  Time flies when you are doing something that you have a true passion and love for!  Having the opportunity st brendan primary school has been one of a kind.  I have been able to experience a variety of opportunities by being in their classrooms and found it interesting to be able to see how each setting differs from the others and how each child is unique in their own way.  I am sad to be leaving my placement, but excited to be moving onto my three weeks placement in the fall to gain more experience in the field of Early Childhood Education.


I really enjoyed getting the opportunity to experience something new this term in the position of an EA.  This placement gave me the opportunity to work one-on-one with a child who needed extra support, as well as with all the students in the class.  I learned lots in this placement and got to experience something different than previous placements got the chance to have some of my skills sets for my apprenticeship signed off on, as well as organize and plan a few different independent activities the student(s) could do.  Despite the benefits and opportunities of this placement there are situations where I would have done something differently looking back now, however, this has provided many learning opportunities for me.  I was unsure of this placement at first, however, I do not think that I would change it if I were given the opportunity to go back, as it provided many new learning opportunities I might not have gotten given another position like my previous ones.


I believe my most significant learning experience has been working in the role of preservers in general.  This opportunity has opened my eyes to new opportunities that may lie ahead, as well as experience working with children who may need some extra support, guidance and assistance.  I think this has been a good way to stretch me outside my comfort zone and gain more knowledge in early childhood, as well as special education.  I think that being able to create and organize a few activities that would go into the Independent Work System has also been a significant experience; not only in learning how this system works, but also in having the opportunity to take into consideration their level of development and academic level to create an activity suited for their specific learning needs.


this week I missed a class because I got a bad flu and high fever I regretted missing the class because it was about assessment two the last assessment of the semester. I stayed home  I asked some of my classmates who are in my learning circle to explain what they have been taught and most of them were willing to help me which is very nice of them also the online resource and modules were easy to fellow and interact with. I was able to read and complete the mini task with any difficulties which is great compared to the first day of classes. Today class I did not attend due to being really tired from work. But having complete the reading I felt like I didn’t not miss or fall behind much. The reading and video were interesting and gave me a lot to engaged with.

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