Research Paper: For this project you must move beyond your base curiosity about the topic into the realm of selecting, analyzing, and evaluating the views of professionals in education and related fields. By means of this research paper you can create a new constellation of hypotheses, interpretations, data, examples, and conclusions captured, momentarily, against the backdrop of your developing views on education. In your research, observe how professional discourse—the written conversation among specialists carried out by means of journals, books, and their cyber equivalents—is conducted. The research paper thus serves two purposes: to increase your professional judgment and knowledge in a subject area; and, to allow you to practice the norms of discourse among professionals in the Early Childhood field.

Note: This research paper should:

Comprehensively and professionally communicate an advanced understanding of the topic. Further, it should seek to educate others about said topic.
The paper should be 6-8 pages (this is content only and does not include the cover page or references page)
Demonstrate that the student has read widely in the relevant field (i.e., the references section should include 6-10 reliable, professional sources)

Adhere to the American Psychological Association (APA) documentation style
Be original in the sense that the project represents the student s own work with the ideas and quotations of others properly credited

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