Emily Dickinson's Portrayal on Death Through her Works

Emily Dickinson’s Portrayal on Death Through her Works

The paper is basically a poetic study on Emily Dickinson and the repeated use of the theme of death in her poetry. I need to dig into her work and explore what the different meanings of death reveal for the readers, as well as what it reveals about Dickinson herself. In addition, I need to review other pieces of literature that touch on the topic of death and how it is portrayed, so that I can show how death is viewed in various ways by various different people with both a negative and positive impact on life. In accordance to this, I need to answer; what is “death”?; what happens after you “die”?; should we be afraid of “death”? A list of sources (10+) need to be used with citations and a Works Cited page is required. Two sources that I have and might be of help are: “The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson” edited by Thomas H. Johnson and “Critical Companion to Emily Dickinson: A literary Reference to Her Life and Work” by Sharon Leiter.