MECH 3340 Semester Project Phase 1 Due: 4-5-2018
You must create all diagrams in a computer aided drafting program. You must include a
narrative that explains the methods, assumptions and results in paragraph form. Create narrative
in a word processing program.
I. Load Calculation
a. Calculate the winter sensible load for the Johnson House using the method
described in Figure 8.2 of the HVAC Simplified text.
i. Present a plan view of the building and show the cross section of the
exterior wall, roof, and floor system.
b. Present and explain all assumptions
c. Present results
II. Equipment Sizing
a. Estimate the volume flow rate of the atmospheric air needed to maintain a
constant temperature in the house.
i. Calculate using energy and mass balance
ii. Use the Psychrometric chart to find atmospheric air properties.
b. Estimate the energy input needed by the heating unit.
c. Present and explain all assumptions
d. Present results

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