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Choose a writer you admire—or one you love to hate!—and try your hand at imitating that person’s writing style. Cast a wide net in making your choice: consider songwriters, op-ed writers, cookbook authors (e.g., Martha Stewart, Julia Child), novelists, poets, TV commentators (e.g., Stephen Colbert). Gather a sample of this person’s work, enough to give you a good sense of his or her stylistic choices in terms of language, sentence structure, rhythm, imagery, and so on. Include that sample here. Then choose a well-known text: a children’s story such as “Little Red Riding Hood,” a song such as “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson, or even a kind of text such as a tweet or an advertisement. Now rewrite this text in the style of the author you chose—or ham it up a little by exaggerating the style! Your goal is to exercise your own authorial muscles and have some fun doing so

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