SWA 1: Ethics and Social Media

Length: 500 – 600 words

Format: Essay

Grade:50 points


Social media has created new ethical challenges in the workplace. For example, people use Facebook to post about personal activities and assume that this information is only viewable by friends. But during a job interview, a person may be surprised to discover that a posting intended for friends was also discovered by the potential employer. Should the employer have looked at a person’s social media posting? Also, the use of content from Twitter or Instagram as the basis for workplace decisions could result in unintended consequences if that information turns out to be inaccurate.


Do an online search on “ethics and social media” and select a type of social media you are familiar with. Select one or two articles or sources that are highly credible (e.g.. published in a journal, newspaper, magazine or as part of an organization’s code of ethics). Write a 500-600-word essay discussing the ethical dilemma of the social media and your suggestions of dealing with it. Cite your sources properly in MLA, including in-text citations and a Works Cited page.


Format: Time New Roman, 12”, double spaces, with a title and a header.



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