Name: Ahmad Alsumait

Instructor: Rachel Lamance

Course: ENG 107

Date: 02/13/2018

Literacy analysis

It was my dream since I was young to do my University studies in the United States of America. I was born and brought up in Kuwait and had great desire to explore and interact with various kinds of people from all parts of the world. The best place that the fulfillment of my dreams was assured was by studying in the USA.  The stirring desire led me into working out ways that would help me get a chance in one of the Universities in the country and adapt fully to the system.

One of the things I knew that I had to do is learn how to speak and write English fluently and efficiently. English is the official language in the country, and I knew that through watching American movies I would improve my understanding of the language. Understanding the films was hard for me, but with time I caught up with the messages they conveyed.  It was a dream that had to come through, and I put more effort into understanding the language until I entirely became a fluent English speaker. I also knew that the culture would not be a problem due to the high level of diversification in America hence no one would question my usual way of life

After my High school, I applied to join a university in the USA, and my application went through. I was invited and had to relocate to the country for my studies. Since then I am currently living in the USA, and I fluently speak English. Beginning university life was a bit challenging because I had to assume the new roles and responsibilities as a student. I had to face the new environment different from the one I was used to. It was a bit technical because I had to face the new challenge different from high school life. I had to adjust accordingly because moving from the familiar and safe high school environment in Kuwait was not easy. Also, I had to choose the right career endeavor, from the existing variety. The first semester especially the first three weeks were very challenging, because learning the location of different facilities was hard it looked like learning a new city. Also, I had to fend for myself both in the class and the institutional space. The fact that I was not independent in high school was one attribute of confusion in the learning process.


In different occasions, I would feel some sense of discontinuation especially the time I missed home and worst of all when assignment task was so challenging. Academic life was very challenging Sometimes I would have a stare in the mirror wondering whether I will reach the ambitious goals or not. While in the first year I have learned different tips. First is to get engaged in various activities, the key role here was to take advantage of diverse activities that were available to make my life different. I knew that this was only chance I must bring change in my life.

I knew that I must show determination in the academic endeavor. . What moved me is the end of the first-semester exam. The anxiety and especially from the memory of the first orientation day warning of  university rules .I knew that university was not a walkover. I had to work very hard for the quality grade. I did the first university exam, but the pleasant thing is that I registered a good score. It was a motivation that I had greater potential ahead what makes me feel that I can reach the ambitious goal. Besides academics, I joined the university soccer team . The second semester was a no big deal because I had adapted and still I had made new friends. It took time to adapt the university life, but today am very okay. I still endeavor to reach my target.

Overall, I realized that greater and ambitious goal is a motivation to hard work. It is through purpose that I I managed to maneuver to the university. Now life has changed, and the ambitious goal is a real. Also, university life is a full of diversity for one to realize himself. I will persist in proceeding right up to the height of my level best.


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