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• Ecuador

a. Assess the national business environment of your country of choice (economic, political, social, legal, environmental factors) and its basic appeal as a location for wholly-owned subsidiary. (9marks). (Note: This section is not to be presented as a mere description of the country of your choice. You must link each factor (i.e. environmental considerations) to the opportunities to set-up and operating of the subsidiary).

b. Using both the Kluckhohn-Strodtbeck and Hoftstede Frameworks, investigate the cultural issues that may impact on the set-up and operation of the subsidiary in your selected country, such as but not limited to expectations regarding, gift giving, greetings, titles and form of address, the concept of time including punctuality of meetings, the role of women, etc. You will need to contrast these factors with the cultural expectations as applied to business operations in Australia (or Malaysia for Sunway students). Note: A simple description of any of these factors that is not related to doing business in your selected country will cause marks to be deducted. (9 marks).

c. In your country of choice, what has the government done to promote or discourage foreign multinational corporations forming and operating wholly-owned subsidiaries? Explain (4 marks).

d. Overall presentation and quality of the briefing paper (3 marks).

e. Each group member is required to confirm that they have made an equal contribution to the Research Report. If it is felt that there are inequities in terms of group contribution any member of the group may write to the subject coordinator regarding their perception of any difficulties.