An Extended Paragraph (Example)
The Coffee Tree at the airport requires that the customer make many decisions. (topic sentence) Coffee itself comes in at least four basic varieties, all with confusing names like “Indian Monsoon” or “Blue Mountain.” (First supporting idea) Then the customer must choose regular or decaffeinated, and the size of the cup. (Additional support for this idea) The decisions are not over yet. (second supporting idea) After she selects her coffee, she must then decide if she ants milk, cream, skim milk, or non-dairy sweetener. For sweetener, there is raw sugar, honey, or artificial sweetener in pink, blue, or yellow packets. Ad all of this is just for regular coffee. (Additional support for second idea) It is also possible to order coffee drinks that are as specific as medical prescriptions. (Third supporting idea) I have heard people ask for “Mocha Frappachino” or “Caramel Espresso.” (Support for third idea) The Coffee Tree also has a whole shelf of full-flavored syrups that can be used in all the different kinds of coffee. (Fourth supporting idea) All these coffees are also rather expensive. (Closing idea) They cost from about $5.00 to $80.00 each. (Support for last idea) A person in the airport who wants just a simple cup of coffee and doesn’t care about style can get it at McDonalds for about $1.00. (Conclusion)

Topic Sentence _______________________________________________________________________

First supporting idea ___________________________________________________________________

Additional support for this idea ___________________________________________________

Second supporting idea ________________________________________________________________

Additional support for this idea ___________________________________________________

Third supporting idea _________________________________________________________________

Additional support for this idea ___________________________________________________

Fourth supporting idea ________________________________________________________________

Additional Support for this idea ___________________________________________________

Conclusion __________________________________________________________________________


Three Things
• Three things you can’t go without.
• Three celebrity crushes.
• Three favorite book characters.
• Three favorite things to wear.
• Three things you want in a relationship.
• If you had to evacuate your home because of a natural disaster, what three things would you take with you?
• Three pet peeves.
• Three things you’d do if you weren’t so afraid.
• Three favorite TV shows.

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