Essays are usually answers to questions posed by your tutor. There are many different types of essays; such as, argumentative, descriptive, persuasive and so on. No matter what kind of essay you are required to write; the essay writing techniques remain the same and the guidelines you have to follow also don’t change. The simple steps followed by ensure that you get an exceptional essay that only deserves the best grade. These basic steps include;
• Analyzing the topic and researching on it
• Preparing an outline for your ideas
• Writing the introduction
• Writing the body
• Writing the conclusion
• Proofreading and editing
• Compiling the final draft
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• Having a good structure; the introduction should show how you have interpreted the question and it should also have a thesis statement (an argument) which you are going to explore in the body. The body should analyze your subject matter thoroughly and the conclusion should be powerful too.
• Staying on track while answering the question; you should not wander off the subject make sure your essay remains relevant to the topic
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