Ethical Obligation & Decision Making in Accounting

Ethical Obligation & Decision Making in Accounting

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Answer the questions on page 241 in your text and THE QUESTIONS BELOW, but do NOT use a Q&A format, make your paper interesting to read, in a narrative format. Use a narrative, format as described above. You will lose points for any question that is not answered.

– What else, if anything, could or should EY have done when the whistleblowers contact EY with the allegations of fraud?

-Did the employees/whistleblowers who were concerned about the fraud take the right actions? What else could or should the employees have done? Who else, if anyone, should they have contacted?

– What would you have done if you were an accountant at HealthSouth and knew about the fraudulent entries? Give your answer from a real world perspective realizing your job would have been in jeopardy had you taken ethical actions.