Exercise from the book

Exercise from the book

Paper details:
The first journal exercise gives you a chance to view yourself as a communicator from another person’s perspective.

Do the exercise “Check Your Competence” on page 27.

Write and submit a 500-700 word journal about the experience of doing the activity and any other revelations from Chapter 1.

Write this in first person and refer to your communication partner by first name or using 2nd person pronouns. For example, “I was amazed when Jodi said that she thought that I was a strong communicator when we had a conflict.”

YOU MUST DO THIS ASSIGNMENT WITH ANOTHER PERSON OR YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO GRADE. You may chose someone from your circle of friends, family or co-workers; be sure that you trust this person.

(Remember through this assignment I am trying to get a base line for how you see yourself as a communicator.)

Be sure to address the criteria in the rubric below. This is how I will assess your work.

Grading Criteria for Assignment on

Journal Writing # 1

Grading Criteria Points Earned
15 points
The directions of the journal assignment are thoroughly addressed in the journal writing.

(Warning: if the assignment calls for a communication partner, you must have a communication partner or the journal will receive a zero.)

10 points
1. Employ ethical concerns and values as you examine each of the questions. That means in what ways do you judge or assess aspects of your communication style to be right or wrong, good or bad.

2. How does your form of communication impact other people?

15 points
1. Discuss the outcome of the activity.

2. Your writing includes both thoughts and emotions.

3. What you learned about yourself as a communicator.

10 points
1. Paper is 500-700 words long (or 4–6 minutes long for a presentation).

2. Your point of view and any outside authors’ points of view are clearly distinguished.

3. Identify your resources or consulting authors when you use them. A direct quote of another author should be placed in quotation marks.

-2 points for each criteria NOT met
All of the following are met

• 11 or 12 point font

• Double spaced

• 1” margins

• Spell checked

• Proof read

• Work is your own work