Feasibility study

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Qualification: N50415 Diploma in IT Networking
Cluster: Advanced Project Management
Unit of Competency: ICTICT511 Match ICT Needs with the Strategic Direction of
the Enterprise
ICTSAD506 Produce a Feasibility Report
ICTPMG501 Manage ICT Projects
Semester 1, 2018
Assessment Event 1: Project Portfolio (Assignment#2)
Due Date: Refer to the 18 Week Delivery & Assessment Schedule (for Deliverable#2).
Part 2: Produce a feasibility report
2.0. Introduction
 Continue with the proposed ICT systems from the previous assignment.
 Consider 3 alternatives and evaluate the feasibility using the TELOS framework. Perform
a Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) and Return-on-Investment (ROI) for each of the
alternatives. Recommend the best solution based on ROI.
 Present your CBA and ROI on one page. Assume a project life cycle costing over 6 years.
 Be prepared to support your CBA figures above through a Cost model and Cost Baseline.
2.1 Confirm Client Requirements (Week 5)
 Confirm client requirement to determine project scope and the problem context or
opportunity faced by the business.
 Review documented client requirements, project scope, related problems and sources of
 Confirm requirements and scope with the client.
2.2. Examine and review alternatives (Week 6)
 Ensure that future client requirements are considered
 Research and document feasible solutions for client requirements.
 Ensure that the feasibility of each solution has been asses including constraints.
2.3. Prepare and publish feasibility report (Week 7)
 Prepare a feasibility report.
 Ensure that the completed feasibility report cover client requirements, project scope and
analysis of alternative scenarios.
 Present feasibility report to appropriate person for project approval.

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