Final for Feminist Therapy
Responses should be between 2 and 4 pages.
1) Choose an imaginary client and explain how this client may be marginalized and/or disempowered by patriarchy, white supremacy, and other systemic power hierarchies. (Discrimination, stereotypes, microaggressions, etc.)
2) Think about how your client’s experiences of disempowerment might result in symptoms of distress in the four realms of functioning:
a. Somatic
b. Intrapersonal/intrapsychic
c. Intrapersonal/social-contextual
d. Spiritual/Existential
3) Imagine you are a feminist psychologist, how would you “reframe the pain?” Meaning, how might the pain demonstrate your client’s already active capacity to move toward a more powerful version of self?
4) Give an example of how therapy might help empower your imagined client..

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