PAPER TOPIC: You may choose any biological, chemical or physical agent (physical agent being a source of ionizing or non-ionizing radiation) which presents an environmental hazard, directly or indirectly, to humans. You must describe what the agent is, the nature of the risk (e.g., exposure effects), how it moves through the environment before reaching a target host (e.g., soil, groundwater, food chain, human), and how it moves (and possibly changes) within the body following entry. Include hazard source(s) and recommendations for control measures. The paper represents 25% of your grade.
Length: 6 – 8 typed (double spaced) pages, excluding references.
from peer-reviewed sources in science literature, cited (numerically sequenced [MLS
References must be
Style]) within the body of the paper and a separate reference page included. Paper is to
be submitted electronically only on the class blackboard, as a MS Word document

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