film analysis



English 101

Film Analysis





* Minimum of 4-6 pages in length

* MLA Format

* Times New Roman font, size 12

* Double-Spaced

* 1 Inch margins




You are to choose and analyze either a fairytale or superhero type of film. You will look beyond the surface and describe what you see (or do not see) in depth and detail. You can BREIFLY describe what you see on the surface. However, this paper is not about description or summary, but about watching and notating the film while thinking about what the parts of it represent (or what it represents as a whole). Therefore, if you only describe the surface, you have not completed the assignment. Consider analysis connected to socially charged terms such as gender, race, sexuality, etc.


Note: You should write the paper as if you know your reader has seen the film.


Use the following questions as GUIDELINES ONLY!  Do not answer each one specifically or in order in your paper! They are only here to help you think more in depth about the topic:


What gender roles/stereotypes are portrayed?

What racial stereotypes are portrayed?

Who is their target audience? Why?

What class of people is being targeted? Why?

What sociological questions does it raise?  Does it relate to any current social issues? Government issues? Etc. How so?

Could this film influence the way younger generations view themselves? Each other? Is that problematic? Why or why not?


Film Examples: (These are only EXAMPLES. You are not required to use these specific films.)



The Avengers



Fantastic Four

The Green Lantern










Beauty and the Beast



The Little Mermaid

Sleeping Beauty

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