Film Studies

TDGE 11 Spring Quarter 2018
Response Paper #3 Prompt: Reconsidering Queer Performance
Your understanding of queer performance has hopefully grown over the past 5-7 weeks. This
response paper focuses on the ways in which a second viewing of early course material can
deepen understanding. Choose one of the following films: But I’m a Cheerleader, Rocky Horror
Picture Show or Angels in America Part 1 (the portion we watched in class). Rewatch the film
and write about it with a deeper understanding. Write a 700-1000 word response. Use the
course’s guiding questions and any other themes and topics focused on in lecture.
Make connections between the film and other course material. This includes: films, short films,
webseries, music videos which we have watched, readings assigned and readings in the
Additional Readings folder and LGBTQ+ Basics folder, the film you watched for paper #1 and
the play you read for paper #2. Discuss the film in relation to compulsory heterosexuality, camp,
intersectionality, gender binary, queer temporality, and/or disidentification.
I encourage you to come to office hours or email me ( to discuss your
analysis as you form your paper.
Does and Don’ts:
1. Do have a creative title for your paper.
2. Do have a thesis – doesn’t have to be 1 sentence.
3. Don’t include a plot summary. Assume the reader has watched the film. Include plot details
and scene descriptions only as supporting material for larger claims.
4. Don’t regurgitate lecture notes. This paper should focus on your own ideas sparked by
5. Don’t write a research paper. You may do research and bring outside sources if you find that
helpful, but this should not be a focus of your response paper.
6. Do not write a 5 paragraph essay. Paragraphs are an important way of organizing arguments
but a 5 paragraph essay is an artificial high school format.
7. Provide specific examples and describe specific scenes in detail in order to support your
8. Use proper citations in your paper.

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